Writing Assistance for Professors and Students Who Write English as a Second Language

Professor Writing English as a Second Language
Writing Tutorials for Professors and Students Who Write English as a Second or Foreign Language

The United States is becoming an increasingly diverse country. In addition to the richness that diversity has brought to our culture, the academic literature has also benefited from new perspectives. But, in the process of contributing to the literature, scholars whose native language is not English often struggle with writing a clean manuscript for review.

First, I must say that I really am in awe of the writing ability of my clients. Indeed, sometimes individuals who write English as a second language actually write better than native writers. Regardless of whether your native language is English, if you work in academia you know that the smallest errors can taint the reviewers’ overall perspective of your work.

We all must make every effort to minimize mechanical errors and avoid wordiness and ambiguity, but nonnative writers, understandably, have a more challenging task. Conciseness and clarity are two of the most important components of a scholarly document, and the writing lessons on this site cover both in great detail.

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Rocky Citro

Hi, my name is Rocky, and I am a technical academic editor with over a decade experience editing for professors and graduate students in prestigious universities. I have also taught writing at the graduate and undergraduate level and have several years' TEFL teaching experience.