Merriam-Webster and Oxford Add Funny Words to Their Dictionaries

So I know this is a “serious” site for serious academics, but every once in a while we all have to have a little fun! So you may have heard of Oxford’s addition of buttload to the Oxford English Dictionary or Merriam-Webster’s addition of bromance this past year. A few more examples are tweet, helicopter child, and crowdsourcing.

Yes, this is the same Merriam-Webster Dictionary that is the official source for spelling in APA, Chicago, MLA, AMA, and many other styles based in U.S English, and the same internationally respected Oxford dictionary you’ve always heard of.

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The words themselves are funny enough on their own, and some of them will shock you–or at least make you smile. So have some fun with words once in a while, and you just might learn something. I know I did…I had to look up half the words in the passage below to check if they were accepted usage. Indeed, every word in the passage below is officially recognized by Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary or the Oxford English Dictionary. Some of them aren’t even marked as informal or slang.

I’m a ginormous fan of crunkamericana fusion. The other day I was fist-bumping to some jams with this hot locavore chick at her parents’ house. I know that sounds strange, but you have to understand–she was thumpingly bootylicious (no pun intended) and had such a buttload of bling-bling on (no pun intended) that I was just bedazzled. I didn’t even think she could afford all that because she was a dirt-poor boomerang child turned cougar who drops more bread and chips at the bar than she scarfs from the free buffet. Talk about permanent staycation. I mean, seriously, her pooch bags more jack hustling puppies at the dog park than she knocks down in a year. And for all her talk about eating locally and other environmental applesauce, her parents have to pull down kale from the heavens to support her nightclub addiction. If only duathlons could replace all that running with tag-team dancing and baseball. She’d nail it with some fantabulous moves; I’d hit the wicked walk-off homer; and we’d fist-bump it all the way down the shore! Woot! (The End)

Have some other funny ideas? Keep the story going below using only accepted words in M-W or Oxford. Let’s see if you’re up to the challenge. 😉 And don’t forget to pass this along to others who have fun with words.

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