How to Remove Space Around Equations

Need Help Getting Rid of That Pesky Extra Space in Microsoft Word?

 The Problem: Large Space Above & Below Equations in Text

If you put your equation on its own line, you might not notice it, but for short equations run into the regular sentence text, the space becomes more noticeable, and the gap becomes especially large if you use special symbols that are bigger than the regular text. View video tutorial and see below for more information.



Do I Have to Fix This?

If you are writing a copy manuscript, such as a journal article for peer review, you probably don’t have to worry about the extra space because the journal will ultimately take care of the formatting for you. If you are writing a final manuscript, meaning that the document will be in its final form after your final edits, then yes, you should fix this spacing problem. Examples of final manuscripts are theses, dissertations, papers to be published on organization or company web sites, and, well, basically any document that will be published or presented as you leave it.

How Do I Reduce or Remove the White Space?

In the video tutorial, I show you how to manually remove or at least reduce the white space. This method is quick and you can apply it throughout your paper fairly quickly.  If you are using a Mac you might have to use a different key for the line-spacing setting that I mention in the tutorial. You can set 1.5 spacing with Ctrl + 5 on a PC, and the equivalent is ⌘ + 5 on a Mac.

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