Avoid Redundant Verbs

Picture of Scissors to Represent ConcisenessThe Issue

Every day I come across sentences in which authors accidentally repeat the same meaning. Redundancy can take many forms, but for this post we’ll focus on the use of two redundant verbs.

This type of redundancy often occurs when we try to add a second verb for emphasis or effect. Sometimes this is helpful or necessary, but most of the time Continue reading Avoid Redundant Verbs

“Different from” versus “Unlike”

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I see this commonly in scholarly papers, so I figured I’d make a quick post about it.

Often I will see a sentence that begins with the words “Different from.” Although this phrase works well in the middle of sentences, in my opinion it is not very good for starting sentences.

For instance, in the example sentence below, the author wishes to show Continue reading “Different from” versus “Unlike”